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  • A deposit of 25% of course fees must be paid when booking a course.
  • The deposit is non- refundable.
  • Balance of fees must be paid six weeks before course start date. Heritage English reserve the right to cancel any course that has not been paid for in full.


  • Course cancellation must be received in writing to Heritage English. The following terms and conditions apply:
  • Cancellation of a course incurs a £200 cancellation fee if received in writing no less than 6 weeks prior to course start date.
  • Cancellation of a course incurs 50% of total course cost if received in writing 21-41 days prior to course start date.
  • Cancellation of a course 21 days or less before course start date – no refund.
  • If a student arrives later than course start date or leaves before the end of the course, fees will not be reimbursed.


  • Neither Heritage English nor the representative teacher, provide insurance cover for you. It is therefore your responsibility to obtain your own personal travel insurance against cancellation, accident, illness, injury, loss of property, theft or any accidental damage to property caused to the property of others when staying in a homestay.
  • All European Union students travelling within the Eurozone are advised to get the European Health Insurance Card, in addition to personal travel insurance cover.


  • Under no circumstances can Heritage English be held responsible for any injury, damage loss, delay or accident which may happen while a student is on a course during lessons hours or in their host family home, or as a result of any activities they participate in during their stay.
  • This also includes any loss of property whilst commuting to and from the teacher’s home. ( Adequate insurance should be taken out by the student.)
  • Neither Heritage English nor the teacher and host family are responsible for students’ money and personal possessions. You can entrust these to your host teacher for safekeeping if you prefer. We suggest leaving all your travel documents with your host family in a safe and secure place as it is not necessary ,in England, to carry your documents with you. It is an explicit condition of enrolment that students accept full financial responsibility for any damage caused by them to the teacher’s property or host family property, whilst on a Heritage English course.


  • In the event of the discovery of any serious health problems and/or contagious illness, mental and/or physical handicap not disclosed at the time of booking, or criminal and/or antisocial behaviour on the part of a student, Heritage English reserves the right to terminate the course and expatriate that student at their own cost and without refund of fees.
  • If a student breaches the teacher’s or host families household rules of conduct, resulting in inappropriate behaviour, we reserve the right to terminate the course and repatriate at the student’s expense.
  • If the student has a prior medical condition or special educational needs not disclosed at the time of booking, we may not be able to provide the service offered. Alternatively, the student may be moved to a different teacher or repatriated at the parents’ / student’s expense.
    Lessons missed by students due to illness or absence will not be deferred.

Pastoral Care

  • Pastoral care of our young learners is paramount to the success of their stay in the UK. It is just as important that students are happy and comfortable with their host family as their teachers.
  • On our junior courses we pay attention to aspects of personal, social and health education of our learners and keep in constant contact with the host family and with teachers.
  • It is important for learners to develop appropriate attitudes to their learning and surroundings and to make them aware of the impact that their decisions and behaviour have on others.
  • We encourage the development of a positive cultural understanding and acceptance in all aspects of their stay including accommodation, teaching, activities and the social program.
  • A lot of time is taken outside of the teaching day by members of Heritage English to ensure that these criteria are met and to deal with any issues that may arrive quickly and effectively.
  • We are happy to accompany young learners on transfers to and from the airport to the host family. It is important that both students and parents feel safe and comfortable with their travel arrangements.


  • We endeavour to match our students with the most compatible teacher. This is why it is important that the student when making enquiries, completes the online booking form and introductory report giving all preferences accurately.
  • All or our tutors and trainers are Cambridge University qualified EFL teachers with many years of experience in teaching in UK and abroad.
  • Heritage English reserve the right to change your allocated teacher before or during the course if necessary. (Exceptional circumstances).

Host Families

  • All of our host families have been carefully inspected for suitability to host our students.
  • Our host families have all had guidance on how best to help our learners so that they get a real immersion experience and learn about the culture of the UK as well as social language.
  • We choose host families carefully to match each student.
  • We only host ONE student per family.


  • Any problems must be brought to the attention of Heritage English teaching during the course by the student.
  • Any problems that arise will be dealt with immediately and with discretion.
  • Notification of any problem is the responsibility of the student who should contact Gail Steggell or Celia Lincoln immediately.

Minors, permissions & consent

  • Young Learners (12-18) will be accompanied on all excursions and will not be permitted to leave the host family alone without written consent of their parents.
  • It is important for the parents to stipulate their children’s curfew  ( no later than 9pm) so that there is no misunderstanding once the child is with their host family.
  • We do not expect students to leave the host family house alone in their free time. Any free time is to be spent with the family.

If there is anything you deem important, which we have not covered in our FAQ about Homestay English teaching page please let us know.