Swiss Business student is delighted with immersion training: “It was perfect – better than expected”

This photograph shows our latest client on Friday evening driving the motor boat of Miles and Susie, his hosts from Milford to Lymington for a celebration drink in the town.

It may look like fun, but Thomas was tired after a week of intensive lessons Monday to Friday with just one afternoon free on Wednesday.  This mid-week break was well needed as 8 hours per day one-to-one lessons were very intensive.  He was rewarded on Friday with a visit to the Beaulieu Motor Museum and then this surprise outing at sea.

Thomas works for a Swiss company who manufacture a range of air filters.  He is in charge of the laboratory and is an expert in ISO standardisation.  New responsibilities require that he attends international conferences where he needs to present results and to explain ideas.

Before coming to Heritage English Thomas lacked confidence in speaking and gaining fluency was his main target for the training.

He also needed a complete revision of the grammatical structures, tenses in English.  Gail gave this overview which he found easy to understand, picking up the rules and applying them quickly.
Celia presented him with many new phrases for speaking effectively in meetings and for making presentations effectively in English.

At the end of the week, this is what he wrote:

“Everything was perfect!  The one-to-one lessons, the Friday excursion and also the kind host family.
“It was a really full immersion week and the program was adapted to my needs.  It was better than I expected
“Your warm welcome made it a week I will always keep in good memory!
“One week is too short to get perfect professional communication skills.  But I feel I made a step forward and I feel more confident in speaking

“Many thanks to everyone for your effort”

Thank you for choosing Heritage English and we wish you all the best in the future.  Keep up the practice Thomas.

Hard at work in lessons with Gail