Rosie Steggell

Director of Studies

Rosie graduated from university in England with a degree in English. She was brought up in Greece and England and is fluent in Greek as well as being a proficient Spanish speaker.

Having been bought up in a  bi-lingual family,  Rosie realises how important it is to be immersed in the culture of a country to be able to speak the language fluently. She has travelled to many different countries and understands the importance of being able to speak English for young people nowadays.

Rosie loves working with students of all ages and in particular helping young learners and adults to gain confidence in speaking English. Rosie has worked with Heritage English for the last few years and is skilled in helping learners find their strengths,  improve on their weaknesses and guide them to success in their English studies. She is continuing her professional development in teaching Business English and is a key member of the team.

Rosie has many interests including travel, music, Englsh literature and current affairs. She loves walking in the forest and being able to relax by the sea! Rosie is looking forward to welcoming new students to Heritage English , helping them discover more about the language and showing them some of the beautiful places in the local area of The New Forest.