Celia Lincoln


Before teaching, Celia worked as a journalist in London where she travelled widely as a motoring correspondent. Since moving to the South coast when her children were born, she has taught French to English primary school children for many years. It was her direct experience of learning French by living with a family as a teenager that convinced her of the success of the immersion method of learning.

Celia has taught people from many countries in English Language schools in Bournemouth and hosted many academic students and business clients in her home at Newlands Manor.

Lessons with Celia are taught at Newlands Manor. Newlands Manor is a country house built in the Gothic style by one of Nelson’s commanders, Admiral Cornwallis. The house was visited by Kaiser Wilhelm 1, King Edward V11, Prince of Wales, Winston Churchill and the Duke of Westminster. Now divided into six parts, it is surrounded by 30 acres of park, lake and woodland. Celia lives in part of the Manor House from where she teaches students who enjoy walking in this private estate between lessons.