Keeping Up To Date

Keeping the blog up to date is really important” I was advised……about a year ago.  Hmmmm…I have to admit that I started the New Year with a promise to myself. I would up date the blog and keep regular posts as well as log regular updates on  social media. So far, I have failed at the blog, not too bad on the FB but the Instagram causes some concern. However from failure I can only move forward !

Making Lists

Keeping up with so many different forms of media, let alone topic, needs planning, thought and inspiration. Apart from testimonials on students, there are so many areas that could be covered in a blog for both student and teacher. It can be another challenge just to keep up with them! I have made some lists for myself to help.

Coming Soon

So, I hope that you could keep up with my first blog for a rather long time…..bear with me whilst I catch up on the last year and  present  it to you shortly in a “potted post” …….