First of The Summer Learners

Each year, a few weeks before my own children finish junior school for the summer holidays, I have the pleasure of welcoming eager, young English learners to The New Forest. Their quest for seeing how the ” natives” live is always a pleasure to facilitate!

Coming To The New Forest

This year started off with a lovely family group from Brussels and Paris – 4 cousins, girls, between the ages of 7-12 and one lone male participant of 16!   He was obviously not impressed at being shipped off to the countryside of England with his younger, giggler cousins! However, little did he know what we had in store for him. Having anticipated the needs of a not so impressed 16 year old,  I had already taken on extra help for the week. I thought it was sensible to bring in one of our very talented educators, Simon, to help to balance things out a bit!

Fun in the Forest

I am happy to say it was a huge success! The group visited our local museums , played tennis, did outdoor learning, built dens, swung from trees and swam. Having fun and speaking in English.

Different Language Levels

The group were not only of different ages and gender, their abilities in English were also on each end of the ability scale.  The range was from a beginner to  intermediate level – another spanner thrown into the proverbial works!  However, the group worked together like a dream! Team work, multi level activities, outside learning  and lots of learning challenges all overseen and directed by us, of course! The week went by in a flash amidst much laughter, fun and learning – memories were made which will stay with the children forever!

Red Car and Happy Student!

Furry Animals or Ferraris?

Oh, and if you are ever wondering what to do with a teenager who really doesn’t want to dress up as a furry forest animal with his cousins…….take him to a Lamborghini and Porsche showroom – bound to bring a smile on his face!