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Our team of Heritage English teachers are experienced in teaching a wide range of English language exams. They are trained in teaching the specific skills to help students succeed in passing their exam. Our intensive examination courses are designed for students who need preparation and revision to pass internationally recognized examinations.

Our past students have found that a short, intensive, exam preparation course can make a big difference to their confidence and most importantly, to their exam results. An exam preparation course helps with all parts of the exam as you are listening, speaking and living English all day every day.

  • Intensive TOTAL IMMERSION courses
  • Undivided attention of the teacher on 1:1 course
  • Detailed analysis of HOW to complete the exercise in the exam
  • Timed past papers so that students are 100% ready for success
  • Personalised learning
  • Host Accommodation
  • All Course material is provided
  • We assess your level of the specific exam you would like to take before arrival in UK
  • Set achievable goals
  • Target weaknesses
  • Build on strengths
  • Build confidence and enthusiasm to achieve success
  • Present new required and practice  language acquired
  • Lessons take place in the morning and the afternoon
  • Morning lessons focus on grammatical, syntactical and lexical improvement
  • After lessons focus on the skill of how to approach exam tasks and recognise how many marks are awarded for each exercise.
  • Host family accommodation
  • Private bedroom with study facilities
  • Free wi-fi internet access
  • Daily living with a host family is essential TO HELP students  learn about daily living and cultural aspects of the UK

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