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Young Learner English
  • 1:1 lessons each morning – 15 hours per week
  • Packed Lunch provided by host family
  • 5 Afternoon excursions with your teacher. Afternoon activities consist of horse riding, golf, tennis or another activity to suit individual preferences.
  • Heritage Host Family Accommodation


  • One to One Tuition
  • Small Groups
  • English is the only language used
  • Activities to suit student
  • Top Class Host Families


On a Young Learner Program lessons are one-to-one which  ensures students have the full attention of the teacher at all times.

An assessment test is taken  and  Introductory Report completed before arrival in the UK so that level  can be assessed and lessons can start from day one. All lesson material is designed for each individual student after careful inspection of the test and report.  The teacher designs lessons are interesting and motivating for each student.

Lessons start between 9 and 9.30 and finish for lunch at midday. In the afternoon students are accompanied on an activity where the teacher carefully guides the student in their functional English and monitors language carefully.

Homework: Students are asked to complete homework based on any new language they have learnt or to complete project work which they have started in the class time.

Progress: We assess each student before they come on a summer vacation course with a CEFR level ( Common European Framework) . On  an immersion course all students make huge progress in all skills  but especially in speaking and listening as they are   “  living” English 24 hours  a day  for seven days a week – 24:7 as we say! The teacher assesses the student on a daily basis and records progress made and areas to improve.

End of Course Reports and Certificate:

At the end of the course , your son/daughter receives an End of Course Report which details their progress and gives recommendations for further study . We also provide Daily Lesson Reports which record language covered and daily activities. Students receive an End of Course Certificate which shows the CEFR level achieved. ( Common European Framework)


The welfare of our students in a main priority. The most important aspect of their stay is that they are happy and comfortable with their host family. We make sure that students receive the best possible care while they are in the UK.  Our host families are all carefully chosen and inspected by us. We live in a small area so our hosts are all known by members of the Heritage English team before we recruit them to look after our students. All families are DAB checked ( Disclosure and Barring Service) and we make regular checks by talking to student on a daily basis and by visiting the host family whilst the student is here. We ask the students to inform one of the Heritage English team of any worries that they have so that we can deal with this immediately before a worry becomes a problem.

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