Business English for Finance is a success for Gonzalo

On his arrival Gonzalo was a B2 upper intermediate student with a desire to attain C1 level for studying at London School of Economics.  He stayed with a family in Lymington and had daily one-to-one lessons with two teachers over the time he was here.

It was a tough and very intensive timetable for a 21-year old graduate, but he survived and has left us to continue his studies in London.  His teachers, Stephen and Cherry made sure he had some afternoon time out of the classroom, especially on the final week of his 3-week stay.

Here you can see Gonzalo with teacher Stephen, enjoying the warm sunshine on Bournemouth beach.  Yes, we do get some beach days in England!!!  Or did Gonzalo bring it with him from Madrid?

We wish Gonzo every success in his future career in finance.