Beautiful people and A Beautiful Place – Learning English was a Dream !

Discover the Art of Learning  Again in The New Forest!

What a pleasure it was to help Monique from Paris to live her dream of learning English in England! Monique had taken her retirement in June 2018 and one of the things on her bucket list was to re-visit her English language training by enrolling in some face to face lessons in Paris, France. She then decided to come to us in the The New Forest for an English immersion course and discovered the art of learning English.

Monique was hosted with one of our very popular executive  hosts in Lymington. Our hosts are a crucial part of the immersion program as it is one of the places that our students put  the language they have learnt in to practice. They  take part in the day to day living of an English household and discuss cultural and current affairs over the breakfast and dinner table. Our hosts always make sure that students have the chance to join them in social events and accompany them on trips to the theater, supper in the pub and meeting friends and neighbours.

Each student that studies with us has their own motivation for learning, their own way of learning and most bring along their own weaknesses with them too!  This can  sometimes block the flow of language making them feel like they simply can’t speak in English for fear of making mistakes. In Monique’s case, it had been a long time since she had studied English. She felt her level should be much higher before she even attempted to speak.  We are very passionate about making our students feel confident in their language abilities whether they are a beginner or a more advanced student. We helped Monique  find her voice again, we worked with her to find a style of learning which suited her and then the learning became second nature! A happy student is a successful student!

Here is what Monique had to say about her experience:

It’s never to late to learn a new language!

I’m a beginner and 62 years old.

Teachers and Hosts

My two teachers, Gail and Celia listened to my needs and gave me confidence in myself and my speaking, learning was like a game that helped me appreciated the training in English and desire to continue. They were patient people who helped me discover the art of learning again. The host family was very kind and always there for me , its like a family.

A Beautiful Place

A marvelous week that I’ll never forget!

A beautiful place to learn English!

Beautiful Place

Beautiful People

A fantastic Welcome

What could have been  difficult at my age was a dream – I totally recommend it!