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HERITAGE ENGLISH is an exclusive English language training organisation situated on the South Coast of England near Bournemouth.  We are located in the New Forest National Park and next to the sea in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The perfect location for rest, relaxation and language study! At HERITAGE ENGLISH, we offer bespoke immersion courses for English language students of all nationalities and ages. Our intensive courses include one to one or small group tuition. We specialise in Business and Professional English, Examination Courses , Healthcare  and Young Learner Courses.

  • 30 years + experience
  • Qualified, experienced and professional teachers
  • Open to all ages
  • No fixed course dates –  Dates Available to suit  you – Anytime of year
  • 1:1 and small group structured tuition
  • Bespoke Courses – courses designed exclusively for you
  • Long and short stay courses
  • Personal Service and pastoral care
  • One student per Heritage host to ensure your total English immersion


Your time with us at Heritage English is divided between your teacher and your host family.  You are with your personal tutor each day for your lessons  and then in the afternoon you return home after a long day to spend time relaxing and socializing with your Heritage hosts. Spending time with both your teacher and host each day   gives you the advantage of speaking to a wider variety of people and is a great benefit to your language acquisition.

Who are our courses for?

  • Ideal for business and professional clients who need a rapid boost in English
  • Perfect for professionals who need assistance in preparing important business meetings, negotiations and presentations in English.
  • Medical Professionals who need IELTS and cultural training
  • For students preparing for an English exam and who need to learn the keys to success
  • Great for students that need a personalised course.
  • Perfect for students that want to increase their confidence and speaking fluency.
  • Ideal for students that want to make a lot of progress quickly.
  • Highly flexible schedule – You can start any week of the year.
  • An excellent way to discover British culture and everyday life in the UK
  • Young Learners and Young Adults who would like to fast track their English


Heritage English believe passionately that the quickest and most effective way to learn a language is to listen and speak English 24 hours a day by staying with English families, having English language instruction during the day and continue the learning process in the evenings in the company of Heritage Hosts.

We supervise all the plans for one-to-one immersion lessons as well as small groups and  monitor the progress of all students during their stay.

The combination of intensive formal one-to-one lessons combined with the daily conversation practice out of lessons is what we call “total immersion”.

It is this daily repetition and practice that helps learners to keep the new language in their minds after they return to their country.

Language is also connected to the culture and daily life of a country – which is why an immersion  course is  so successful as students embrace both the language and the culture.

Our students continually praise the success of this well-proven method.